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How We Can Help You

A dedicated team is in place to help patients and coordinate their needs

We have the necessary expertise to service the demands of today’s patients and healthcare providers. Our dedicated team of registered pharmacists, certified technicians and nursing support assist in every area of a patient’s therapy.

Adherence Tracking

Our compliance tracking system allows us to monitor the use of medication in the home to ensure compliance with the physician’s orders and uninterrupted service. Our team is quickly alerted when the patient’s usage pattern does not coincide with the physician’s order and more importantly, prompts us to intervene to insure proper usage.

This program allows physicians to stay in control of their patient’s progress. Our monitoring system allows us to provide accurate information and reports on the patient’s progress.

Education Material

The information presented here offers patients, their families and caregivers with education material, including information about diseases, medication, product administration, side effects and storage information. Our website also provides visitors with educational videos how to administer injections. Our goal is to improve medication’s adherence and patient outcomes.

Please contact a CompreCare’s Coordinator for additional information at 888-644-8326

Free Delivery

CompreCare offers overnight free delivery of specialty medication via UPS or local carrier. Medication will be shipped directly to your home or anywhere else you choose in the United States.

Insurance Coverage

We can eliminate insurance hassles, freeing up the physician’s staff to do more patient centric things.

Our reimbursement specialists are solely dedicated to specialty drug therapy. We work closely with consumers in seeking and obtaining reimbursement from both private and public payers. In working with hundreds of insurances and managed care companies we have gained the expertise to help obtain prior authorizations, co-pay assistance and coverage.

Medication Delivery and Coordination

CompreCare provides next day free delivery to your home, office or other desired location. Medication refill alert will be sent by texts, e-mail, or phone calls to coordinate delivery with patients.

Medications that need special packaging and refrigeration will be delivered from Monday to Thursday to protect the integrity of those medications. All other medication will be delivered Monday to Friday

24/7 Personalized Care

CompreCare pharmacists and certified technicians are on call 24 hours per day 365 days per year to assist patients with injections, device problems, product storage & handling, counseling, questions, side effect management and emergencies.


  • Pre-Certification/Prior authorization assistance to obtain coverage
  • Coordination of benefits to a network provider & automatic triage services if unable to service patient
  • Direct & Electronic billing to patient's insurance provider
  • Complete reimbursement assistance including verification, appeals & collections
  • Facilitate & explore funding alternatives and other resources that may defray this expensive medical treatment
  • Financial advisory services for co-pay & deductibles

Translation Services

Live translation services, over-the-phone, are available upon request to communicate effectively with non-English speaking patients who have questions for the pharmacist.

Our website also provides multi-language translation option. It translates automatically the web-page into any single language requested by the visitor.